Returns Poland

In order to return your parcel, please follow the instruction concerning returns from Poland.

Pack up a shipment so that the content will be secured. Use a rigid box adjusted to the size of the content, for example original packaging. Do not use damaged boxes and ensure that the box is solid enough to carry the weight of a shipment. If there are empty spaces in a used box fill it with the bubble foil or creased paper to protect the content.

Remove all old barcode labels or make them non-readable because old barcodes might interrupt the operational return process. Stick the return label on the box, preferably on the biggest side of the box. 

How to return? 
Check the options at the DHL Parcel Poland website.

Proof of deposit
To receive a proof of deposit for a collected parcel by DHL Parcel, please download and fill out the form and hand it over to the DHL Parcelshop or Courier to sign it.

Download proof of deposit