DHL eCommerce helps friends at grow

Daniël Keute and Nick van Klinken have known each other since they were five years old. In 2013 they rolled into entrepreneurship and set up webshop together. From the head office in Coevorden, they provide customers with ink cartridges, toners and office supplies. They have been working with DHL eCommerce for two years now, and they would like to stick to it for a long time. 'DHL eCommerce really thinks along with us and knows what we need.'

Even before they finished their studies, Daniel and Nick knew they wanted to start a business. But what they were going to sell, they weren't sure yet. After some research, the friends decided to experiment with a webshop in printing supplies. That went like a train: soon the team expanded to about twenty employees. They now sell more than just ink cartridges: customers can also turn to for office supplies such as quickeners, labels and notebooks. Are you a fan of baking cakes? Then you can even order edible ink.

Renewed collaboration
'At the beginning of, we already worked with DHL eCommerce, but at the time we were not so satisfied with the service. A while back we came into contact with them again via via, because we were looking for a new logistics partner,' says Nick. 'Because of that earlier collaboration, we were a bit sceptical,' Daniël adds. 'That's why we started a pilot to try things out. We immediately noticed that DHL had made significant strides. For example, we were positively surprised by the improved performance and service. We quickly made the full switch and we have been working together for two years now.'

Improvements and innovations
"DHL eCommerce has improved and developed enormously in recent years, both in terms of delivery and service. Via the My DHL app, our customers can now indicate where and when they want to receive their package. Staying at home all day for the delivery person is therefore no longer necessary. That is also good news for us, because it gives customers more control over their order,' nick explains. 'For example, they have the option to pick up their package at a DHL ServicePoint, so that they can combine this with other chores. We see that this makes customers extra satisfied and less often have questions about their order.'


Efficient shipping process
'A smooth shipping process ensures that customers place an order more often via our website. DHL eCommerce really thinks along with entrepreneurs. Levi, our contact person, regularly visits the office and looks at ways in which we can have our packages delivered even faster. And if something is wrong, we have him on the line in no time. Should something go wrong, we trust DHL eCommerce to do everything it can to fix it. For example, we can easily contact customer service via My DHL Portal environment and possibly submit a claim if a package is unexpectedly lost.'

Link with Picqer
Another advantage of the cooperation with DHL eCommerce is the link with our warehouse software Picqer. Nick: 'For an order above 200 euros, for example, a signature is required for receipt.  Picqer passes this on immediately, so that the package receives the correct shipping label. And if something goes to Belgium, it is also automatically recognized. The shipping process is therefore very efficient, and therefore we hardly have to worry about it.'

Personal contact
Also for smaller or starting companies, working with DHL eCommerce is highly recommended, according to the men. 'Not only because of the personal contact, but also because of the knowledge and experience you receive. We ship around 160,000 packages a year, so it's ideal if your logistics partner understands exactly what you need. For us, DHL really stood out: they are just very good at what they do and we appreciate the down-to-earth approach,' says Daniël.

Limitless growth
The ambition of the friends goes beyond the Dutch and Belgian border: they want to expand to Germany, France and the rest of Europe. As it stands, they do that together with DHL eCommerce. Daniël: 'Together with Levi, we have already looked at shipping options abroad and how we can best take that step. The expectations of customers in terms of delivery times and delivery options differ per country, so we have to adjust our strategy accordingly. Levi really thinks along with us and knows what we need to expand and increase our conversion. That's how we grow together.'  

Image caption:
Daniël Keute and Nick van Klinken (Owners at with Levi Mes (Business Development Manager at DHL eCommerce) at the head office of in Coevorden.