Fashion retailer Bomont finds the perfect growth partner in DHL eCommerce for provisioning and delivery

With twelve stores and a webshop that processes thousands of orders every month, Bomont is the go-to fashion retailer of the southern Netherlands. This role calls for a sophisticated logistics network. DHL eCommerce delivers all online purchases to customers every day, both from the distribution center in Middelburg and the stores. In addition, the service provider supplies two branches. Nawish Baars, Bomont's operational director: "DHL eCommerce is always quick to think along."

"Bomont was founded thirty years ago in Domburg as a tourist store. The retailer now offers a wide range of fashion and lifestyle products from more than 160 top brands - from Scotch & Soda and Tommy Hilfiger to HK Living and BePure-Home. Nawish: 'What makes our concept unique is the mix of stores in tourist areas and large cities, plus a well-run webshop. In winter, less is bought in the coastal stores. Because of the tourist high season, summer is our busiest time of the year in these stores. In winter the city stores and webshop are busier. This way we have continuity in our business."

Logistics partner for almost ten years 
To deliver webshop orders quickly and safely to customers, Bomont has been working with DHL eCommerce since 2013. "The attractive rates were also part of the decision at the time. Our e-commerce was in the early stages and costs were high. Any way to operate more efficiently was welcome."

"We have grown enormously, but so has DHL eCommerce. From a parcel carrier to a versatile logistics expert. The DHL eCommerce account managers tip us off to interesting trends and opportunities. A while ago they tested the order of delivery day and delivery point in the check-out with another customer. If you reverse the proces, you increase the chance that buyers will pick up their parcel and that the first delivery attempt is a direct hit. That's better for everyone. That smart support from DHL eCommerce is very valuable.

We can always count on the same service and quality, no matter how fast we grow. That provides a healthy basis for the future. That's why we recently extended our contract with DHL eCommerce for another three years."


Nawish Baars, Operational Director at Bomont


Flexible stocks, sustainable challenge
DHL eCommerce's green agenda is also a reason for renewal, Nawish explains. "Thanks to the electric delivery vans and the CO2 compensation program of DHL eCommerce, we can guarantee our customers climate-neutral delivery. DHL eCommerce presents itself as a sustainable partner and lets companies benefit from this. This in turn inspires us to do better."

"For now, our biggest challenge lies with our shared inventory system. The store stock is also our webshop stock, and vice versa. This omnichannel strategy delivers many benefits, made possible by the fact that DHL eCommerce manages to reach our inner-city stores every day for pickups. What we can improve is that consumers now sometimes receive two or even three packages, while they have placed a single order. We are tackling such an issue together with DHL eCommerce."

Distribution in Noord-Brabant
The COVID-period amply proved that the Zeeland company is crisis-proof. Between lockdowns, it opened three new stores. "In addition to consumer deliveries, DHL eCommerce also helped us deliver items for the new stores. DHL eCommerce supplies the two newest stores, in Tilburg and Den Bosch. The rest we still do with our own trucks."

Short lines, green solutions
"The best part of the cooperation is the direct contact and short lines of communication. We want to give customers the best experience through every channel. That means as few hiccups as possible between buying and delivering. If something goes wrong, our account manager at DHL eCommerce will be on the phone in no time. That way we can protect our image and remain a store that people like to return to.

Our plans for the future? We want to become even bigger online. In volume, but also in making our retail concept more sustainable. That's where DHL eCommerce, as a green partner, fits in perfectly."


In the picture: Nawish Baars (left), Operational Director at Bomont, and Michel Tuin, Key Accountmanager at DHL eCommerce, in the flagship store in the city center of Middelburg.

This article was published (in Dutch) in Retail Magazine.