Shipping during lockdown

As a result of the lockdown, even more Christmas shopping is being done online, instead of on the high street. 'And that while we were already in a parcel peak at the beginning of December,' says Chief Operations Officer Roelof Hofman. Because of this peak crowds, DHL eCommerce has increased the sorting and delivery capacity to the maximum. In this way, we will continue to control the record number of packages this holiday season together with our senders. These are the extra steps DHL eCommerce takes:

Additional delivery measures

We deliver on Sunday 27 December. We already did this on 29 November and 20 December to deliver all the presents on time under the Christmas tree. 'Normally we don't deliver at all on Sundays,' Hofman explains. 'Now we continue to work as if it were a weekday.' 

In addition, DHL eCommerce is extending Saturday evening delivery during the lockdown, a measure that was really only intended for the peak crowds until the end of December. Our business network will also take care of consumer shipments. Hofman: 'This network has room to cope with the Christmas rush. In this way, we can spread the volumes better.' 

Find your DHL ServicePoint with the locator

Two weeks ago, we launched a new ServicePoint locator. This shows current information about DHL ServicePoints, such as changed opening hours. On this map you will now also find a special filter for senders. At normal parcel points, for example, you can only return 25 packages per day at a time. Do you want to send larger quantities? Then you can go to an XL location.

Almost all parcel points open as usual Non-essential shops must close, but are allowed to keep their parcel counter open. Retailers who opt for this are eligible for an additional compensation from DHL eCommerce as compensation. As a result, we have been able to keep almost all our parcel points – about 3,000 throughout the Netherlands – open. This measure also relieves our network. If packages go to a DHL ServicePoint, our deliverers can deliver more gifts directly under the tree.

Clear communication with recipients

Recipients are kept extensively informed of their order. Via track and trace, the ServicePoint locator, social media and e-mails about the delivery. Furthermore, we have adjusted the delivery messages to recipients with current lockdown information and the tip to still have packages sent to a DHL ServicePoint.

Bonus for employees

Employees employed by DHL eCommerce receive an extra bonus as compensation for their hard work during the lockdown. 'Last summer, our people already received a corona bonus,' says Hofman. 'With this lockdown bonus, we want to thank everyone again for their efforts.'

What is the effect of these measures?

It is also an unprecedented period for DHL eCommerce: every day we deliver a record number of parcels. Thanks to the close cooperation with senders and ServicePoints, we can continue to serve society optimally during this lockdown. We are incredibly proud of that.

 Roelof Hofman - Chief Operations Officer

These are more effects of our measures:

  • Our delivery staff and service partners, but also the people in our sorting centres, deliver top performance. Safety and quality always come first.
  • We are reaching the limits of our capacity, but the delivery machine continues to run smoothly.
  • We can serve existing customers as agreed. Our promise to deliver packages to recipients the next delivery day is fulfilled in the vast majority of cases.
  • A small number of (mainly international) packages will not be delivered before the holidays. These will be delivered the next delivery day (Sunday 27 December).
  • If we cannot deliver a package immediately, we use a 'first in, first out' principle. This means that the package can be delayed by up to a day.
  • We continue to communicate well with our customers and each other, and receive many compliments from senders and receivers. That's what we do it for!

Tips for shippers

Here's how you can help reduce package congestion:

  • Do you ship to a business recipient? Then ask if the company wants to clearly state at the door that they are open.
  • When sending, share the e-mail addresses of your recipients with us, so that we can better keep them informed of the delivery.
  • Do not give more shipments to our driver than agreed. Consider postponing the return deadline until after the Christmas rush.
  • Do you ship to the UK or Ireland? The combination of Brexit and corona measures ensures continuously changing shipping options.
  • Keep an eye on our website and our daily peak message for the latest state of affairs.
  • You can help us by promoting DHL ServicePoints in your webshop as a pick-up point. Are they not yet available in your webshop? With this handy tool, that's easy.
  • Stay alert to comply with the corona rules when the DHL courier comes by.

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