The convenience of green
What you need to know

Deliberately smarter and more sustainable delivery. That’s our commitment. You can benefit from this commitment, but we also need your help. See the five smart saving tips. Super handy! Do you have a tip for us? Let us know! After all, green is working together!

Tip 1
Use the My DHL App

What if we call and you’re not at home? Use the My DHL app. With it, you’ll know exactly when and where we delivered your parcel. 

You can also use the My DHL app to set your favorite delivery preference. It takes just a few clicks.

Download the app

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Tip 2
At your Service(Point)

You’ve just been online shopping. Bagged some new shoes. Now you want them delivered as quickly as possible. There are 4000 DHL ServicePoints in the Netherlands. Just choose the nearest and have your parcel delivered there. 

Do it on the go. On your bike. Or on your way to or from work. Super sustainable. It’ll avoid us calling when you’re not in. And avoid those unnecessary miles. 

We’re happy, you’re happy. Enjoy your new shoes!

Find your DHL point

Tip 3
Pack and go

Want to send a parcel? Use filling and packaging material from an old parcel. (Re)using a box? Make sure that it contains as little air as possible. If it contains too much air, the contents might move and there’s a risk of the box being indented. 

Even though we have the largest electric fleet in the Netherlands, we prefer to transport parcels as little as possible. Without unnecessary air. Transporting more parcels in one go means fewer journeys per day. Which is better for the environment.

Our packaging tips

Tip 4
Order consciously

It’s nice, ‘shopping from the sofa’. You’d like to try that on. And that. And that might be a good fit too. The downside of online shopping is quickly ordering way too many items. 

Sound familiar? Try to keep to one size of shoe or order just one color of jacket at a time. You can do it! 

That way, you avoid wasting products that might not be sold again. Which is better for the environment. Super! 

Tip 5
Give it a second chance

No longer wearing something? Sell it online second-hand. If we all did it, we’d really help cut down the production of new items. 

We’d also help reduce CO2 emissions. After all, we only have one world. And we’d be happy to deliver your second-hand items to their new owner. That way, everyone’s happy.

Have a sustainable tip for us?

Please let us know. Then we’ll share it via our social media channels and help inspire others to do things better. Thank you.

DHL GoGreen
Moving together towards zero emissions

The climate is changing rapidly – that demands action. As a large organization, DHL can really bring about change. This is the reason behind making our entire logistics chain sustainable: from the moment we collect your parcel from the online store until we’re standing at your front door with your order. We have the largest electric vehicle fleet in the Netherlands and we’re reducing our emissions in every possible way.

DHL and sustainability